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The oil & gas, petrochemical, polymers and renewable energy industries have undergone a renaissance in activity in recent years driven by strong growth in emerging markets, changing feedstock landscape and evolving technology.

Nexant provides comprehensive analysis and planning tools to support decision making in key investment areas:  Markets, Economics and Technology.



Our market analysis identifies the key issues shaping the industry, providing invaluable support for strategic decision making and business planning.  Analysis is typically segmented into three principle inter-related areas:

  • Consumption: Assesses historic and forecast consumption; forecasts are based on projections of economic activity and diverse end use applications across key consuming industry sectors.
  • Supply:  Identifies all producers, the capacity, location, and process of all current production assets, along with discussion regarding the status of new projects and capacity under construction.
  • Supply, Demand and Trade: Provides historical analysis and forecasts of consumption, production, imports/exports, inventory build-up/decline, capacity and capacity utilization.  Supply, demand and trade analysis provides a key insight into the relative strength of regional markets.



Nexant is continuously maintaining its library of production processes and conducts an annual techno-economic evaluation to ensure the archetype cost models accurately reflect typical regional production assets.  Production economics are available for a broad range of chemicals and processes.  Cost of production reports provide a review of costs, prices and margins for typical production assets – including Leader and Laggard models, delivering a valuable view of regional and value chain competitiveness. 

Nexant forecasts provide a long-term view of profitability in the industry.  Long term price projections are also available as an output of our profitability analysis.  Currently, Nexant provides profitability and price forecasts for the major price setting regions under three distinct crude oil scenarios.  Customized forecasts can be prepared through license of the Petrochemical Simulator. 



Nexant places emphasis on understanding process technology and cost of production economics with information derived from our relationships with licensors and producers, publicly available literature (patents, journals, company news etc.).  Our analysis typically includes a discussion of the chemistry, process design and flow diagrams, are given for new/developing/alternative technologies and compared to the conventional (mature) technologies against which they will have to compete.