For over 40 years, Nexant has been the leading provider of analytics, forecasts and insights for the oil & gas petrochemical, polymers and renewable energy industries. Our comprehensive analysis and planning tools combine deep understanding of markets, process technologies and economics and are widely recognized as the industry authority. 

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The global petrochemical industry has never been more dynamic than it is today. The renewed competitiveness of the Americas petrochemical industry from lower cost feedstocks combined with rapid volume growth in emerging markets requires that producers, marketers and end users stay abreast of the trends in this USD 500 billion market. Nexant Thinking offers a product suite of data, analytics and forecasting tools to help guide decision makers.

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Polymers and Plastics

Nexant’s deep knowledge of the polymers value chain, from commodity polyolefins to advanced thermoset resins, has evolved from over 40 years of technical and commercial partnerships with the polymer industry. Nexant Thinking's flagship planning and analysis offering, Polyolefin Planning Services (POPS) provides subscribers with unmatched insights into both the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

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Inorganic Chemicals and Fertilizers

Natural gas based chemicals, namely ammonia, urea and methanol and derivatives have been monitored, studied, analyzed and reported by Nexant for over four decades. Ammonia and urea are the building blocks for the global fertilizer industry, which is experiencing a renaissance in the Americas due to the abundance of low cost natural gas. Nexant Thinking offers a suite of data, analytics and forecasting tools, including the renowned Ammonia and Urea Quarterly Business update.

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Specialty Chemicals and Advanced Materials

This highly diverse sector presents unique technical, commercial and strategic challenges to stakeholders engaged in these complex and global industries. Rapid advances in new technologies and exploding growth in emerging markets requires planners to have up to date supply/demand data and analytics in hand to make informed investments decisions. Nexant offers a suite of special reports supporting the critical decision making process.     

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Renewable Chemicals and Energy

This sector is comprised of a diverse group of products, services, and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources and reduce the use of natural resources.  The sector includes recycling, wind power, solar power, bio renewable materials, and biofuels. Nexant Thinking is the leading provider of special reports to producers, marketers and investors requiring verifiable information on the technology and economics of renewable chemicals, fuels and energy

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Oil, Gas and Refined Products

As both the primary feedstock for petrochemicals and the world’s principal energy source, NexantThinking has been deeply engaged as a valued advisor to the oil & gas industry and produces numerous special reports on the sector, including a subscription based service though our World Gas Model. Our global database provides industry stakeholders with insights on global trends, pricing and forecasts throughout the industry supply chain.