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The PolyOlefins Planning Service (POPS) is a subscription providing detailed and insightful analysis of the global polyethylene and polypropylene business since the 1990s.

POPS is recognized globally as the benchmark source for detailed information and analysis of commercial and technological trends and developments in the polyolefin industry.

POPS delivers a comprehensive commercial analysis of the industry and has been structured to meet the information and analysis needs of our subscribers to reflect the changing nature of the industry.  It consists of the following:

Global Commercial Analysis

The Global Commercial Analysis is published in June and December each year, and covers commercial aspects of the global polyolefins business that includes historical and future outlook of the global, regional and country-by-country supply, demand, net trade, production and operating rates.

The report includes:

  • Consumption: Assesses historic and forecast consumption; forecasts are based on projections of economic activity and diverse end use applications across key consuming industry sectors.
  • Supply: Identifies all producers, the capacity, location, and process of all current production assets, along with discussion regarding the status of new projects and capacity under construction.
  • Supply, Demand and Trade: Provides historical analysis and forecasts to 2035 of consumption by derivative, production, imports/exports, inventory build-up/decline, capacity and capacity utilization for forty countries.

Supplement Reports

Three supplementary reports are included within a 12-month subscription. These reports typically discuss key industry topics, including in-depth analysis of key issues and developments that will likely effect the direction of the polyolefins businesses.  

Recent supplement reports include:

  • Global Linear Alpha Olefins Market Analysis
  • Global Bimodal HDPE Market Analysis
  • Regional Cost Competitiveness of Olefins and Polyolefins

Quarterly Business Update

The quarterly analysis provides an executive level analysis of key developments in the polyolefins industry including consolidation, restructuring, technology shifts, feedstock issues, etc.  It also presents data reflecting quarterly demand, trade, new capacity addition and pricing.

POPS Global Technology Analysis

To accompany the PolyOlefins Planning Service subscription NexantThinking also publishes the Global Technology Analysis bi-annually. 

  • 2016 Report: Published in October 2016
  • 2018 Report: To be published in Q3 2018

The Global Technology Analysis provides analysis of developments in polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE) and polypropylene technology and assesses the effect on the polyolefins business.  The report addresses the fundamental drivers behind technology development, and includes:

  • Process technology – impact of increasing plant scale and the evolution of new technologies.
  • Process chemistry – focuses on new catalysts, modified formulation and increased yields.
  • Product development – resins for new applications, product substitution and application specific improvements.

Other issues such as trends in technology licensing are also explored in this standalone report.