Process Evaluation/Research Planning

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Program Contact
Marcos Nogueira Cesar
+1 914 609 0324

For over 40 years, our Process Evaluation/Research Planning (PERP) program has been globally recognized as the industry standard source of process evaluations of existing, new/emerging, and embryonic technologies of interest to the chemical and energy industries. 

PERP’s comprehensive studies include detailed technology analyses, process economics, as well as commercial overviews and industry trends. Clients can benefit from these analyses and insights in several ways:

  • Early identification of commercially significant developments in major petrochemicals, polymers, specialties, gases, etc.
  • Independent comparison of offerings by technology licensors
  • Recognition of opportunities for new products and for innovative processes
  • Realistic, commercially-oriented economic evaluations
  • Determination of the potential impact of R&D breakthroughs
  • Understanding business feasibility or due diligence analysis

PERP reports involve detailed reviews of the available literature (patents, scientific and trade journals, etc.), as well as extensive liaison with industry (technology licensors, producers, EPC contractors), and Nexant know-how.  Reports typically cover:

  • Trends in chemical technology
  • Strategic/business overviews
  • Process Technology:
    • Chemistry
    • Process flow diagrams and descriptions of established/conventional, new/emerging, and embryonic processes
  • Process economics – costs of production estimates for emerging versus conventional technologies:
    • Multi-regional cost of production estimates
    • Cost of production tables in default metric units
  • Overview of product applications and markets for new as well as established products
  • Regional supply and demand balances for product, including capacity tables of plants in each region
  • Regulatory and environmental issues where relevant