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Nexant’s Strategic Business Analysis (SBA) Fertilizers program has been a valuable aid for strategic planning at a time of both opportunity and challenge for existing players and prospective entrants in the fertilizer sector.  It identifies the strategic trends and issues that will shape the industry based upon a review of the fundamental business drivers and their dynamics with respect to markets, pricing, technology and delivered cost competitiveness.

The program is unique in offering a high quality, in-depth analysis based upon Nexant's thirty-year strategic consulting expertise in nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, and our proprietary World Gas Model, which generates markets and pricing outlook for natural gas in 140 countries globally. Nexant's global team of analysts conducts market research with key fertilizer industry players to develop a robust industry outlook. The fertilizer industry forecasts are developed on our state-of-the-art chemical industry simulator, inter-relating the market dynamics, and profitability & pricing globally.  The SBA program can be used to:

  • Optimize your business portfolio
  • Identify new investment opportunities
  • Identify new market opportunities and plan production and sales
  • Understand technology options
  • Improve your competitive position: Benchmarking global delivered costs enables realistic improvements to be targeted

The Strategic Business Analysis Fertilizers Program includes access to the NexantThinking Online Database and Reports analyzing the key areas:

Markets: Assesses historic and forecast capacity, production and consumption to 2035 for up to 40 countries/ regions. Demand by end use is forecast based on economic activity, population growth, government subsidies, and downstream industry uses.

Price & Profitability: Provides margin and price forecasts until 2035 for major production and demand centers for three sets of crude oil/ natural gas/ coal price scenarios.

Delivered Cost Competitiveness: Competitiveness analysis of key in-market producers and exporters to the major consuming markets is discussed.

Technology Overview: Provides licensor overview, including detailed review of major licensors, drawing on the expertise of our Process Evaluation/Research Planning (PERP) Program.

Reports in the 2017 subscription program include:

- Annual Report, Ammonia Urea

- Quarterly Business Updates, Ammonia Urea

- Phosphate Rock Supplement Report (NEW)

- Ammonium Nitrates Supplement Report

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