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The World Gas Analytics Service (WGAS) is a subscription program that provides coherent forecasts for global, regional and national supply/demand and prices for natural gas.  WGAS builds on Nexant’s World Gas Model (WGM), which is used by leading energy companies, governments and think tanks throughout the world to provide insights into how the gas market may develop in the face of great uncertainty.  WGM projects global, regional and national gas supply and demand balances, international gas trade by pipeline and LNG and both contracted and spot prices.  The model includes every country in the world which produces, consumes or transits gas.

The Program

WGAS clients may subscribe to the outlook for Nexant’s Base Case scenario.  The outlook includes the following:

  • Modules containing Global Assumptions, Global Projections and Gas and LNG Price Outlook
    Modules for eight regions
    Key individual countries available on request

Map of WGAS Regions

Deliverables contain detailed numerical assumptions and projections for each selected module in Excel format.

The Excel files are supported by summary PowerPoint presentations which draw out key trends in the data.

The Base Case is updated by Nexant each quarter in March, June, September and December

Subscription Options

Subscribers can simply purchase their chosen deliverables on a “one-off” basis at any time or take out an annual subscription for all four quarterly releases.

All subscribers – whether for one-off purchases or an annual subscription – will receive outputs for the global assumptions, global projections and the gas and LNG price outlook.  Subscribers may also choose to receive more detailed outputs for eight geographical regions.

Data is also available at the level of 133 individual countries on request

If subscribers are interested in running their own scenarios, then Nexant experts can undertake this on their behalf.  The World Gas Model is also available to be licensed by clients for use on their own systems


The subscription service includes projections for:

  • Production including conventional, shale gas, and CBM
  • Supply and demand balances for the global gas market, eight regions and key countries.
  • Consumption by country sub-divided into eight sectors
  • Trade flows by LNG and pipeline
  • Contracted and uncontracted trade flows
  • Utilization rates for pipelines and LNG plant
  • Gas prices including both long term contract prices and spot prices


Subscribers will be able to use WGAS outputs to assess the impact of key uncertainties facing the world gas markets.

How to Order

For more information and/or an order form please email