Nexant programs provide subscribers with comprehensive data and insight in the oil & gas, petrochemical, polymers and renewable energy industries.

NexantThinking Biorenewable Insights Program Icon

Nexant’s subscription program, Biorenewable Insights (BI), provides in-depth evaluations and reliable data on the technology, cost competitiveness and business developments of biorenewable chemicals and fuels.

Icon - NexantThinking Program: Petroleum and Petrochemical Economics

For 40 years, the Petroleum and Petrochemical Economics (PPE) program has provided highly respected reliable data, insightful analysis and dependable forecasts of the profitability, competitive position and supply/demand trends of the global petroleum and petrochemical industry. 

Icon - NexantThinking Program: Polyolefins Planning Services

The PolyOlefins Planning Service (POPS) is a subscription providing detailed and insightful analysis of the global polyethylene and polypropylene business since the 1990s.

Icon - NexantThinking Program: Process Evaluation/Research Planning

For over 40 years, our Process Evaluation/Research Planning (PERP) program has been globally recognized as the industry standard source of process evaluations of existing, new/emerging, and embryonic technologies of interest to the chemical and energy industries. 

Icon - NexantThinking Program: Special Reports

To complement Nexant’s main subscription programs (PPE, PERP, POPS and SBA), a series of special reports are available.  These reports analyze issues of topical importance to the energy and chemicals industry.

Icon - NexantThinking Program: Strategic Business Analysis

Nexant’s Strategic Business Analysis (SBA) Fertilizers program has been a valuable aid for strategic planning at a time of both opportunity and challenge for existing players and prospective entrants in the fertilizer sector.

Icon - NexantThinking Program: World Gas Model

Nexant’s World Gas Model (WGM) is available for clients to use under license on their own systems and is also used by our in-house Global Gas experts to support consultancy assignments and multi-client studies and reports.